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It is a true pleasure for us to introduce the offer of Multiple Company to you.

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Over 20-year experience in the wood trade, modern and diverse stock of machines, readiness to fulfil even technically most difficult orders, treating each client based on partnership - is the foundation of P.W.Domix’s activity.

We hope that information included on the website induce you to get into closer contact with our company and contribute in the near future to establishing mutually fruitful trade relations. You may also get any further information directly in our production plant or in Regional Sales Outlets of our sales representatives.

Krzysztof Gajowiak



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Multiple Company “Domix” has been operating in the wood market since 1991.

At the beginning of its existence, companys activity included repair services, laying panelling, furnishing recesses, wardrobes, storage places. Later on, company engaged itself in the arrangement and production of furniture for bank operation rooms, production of wood products for building companies (doors WD2,WD3, derby floats, finish casings, finishing skirting , panelling etc) and realized building works of diverse extent of difficulty.

Since 2001, basic profile of companys activity has been production and sale of semi-finished door products. Based on its own production potential and co-operation with other Polish and foreign companies, P.W. DOMIX started production of broad range of materials for production of inner and entrance doors.

DOMIX is direct importer of facing boards, veneer and mahogany in okume sort.

In 2001, company developed and started production of smooth laminar boards for door fillings in any thickness on polystyrene or polyurethane core, whose trade name is

In 2002, DOMIX started production of laminar boards for inner door filling in thicknesses 16, 28, 32mm, under the trade name

In 2003, P.W. DOMIX introduced on the market worked out by itself new materials for door fillings making possible direct milling and replacing so-far wooden coffers. Those materials virtually eliminate phenomena of cracking and warping of door coffers as a result of changeable weather conditions, improve technical and acoustic parameters of doors and substantially reduce complaint rate of the final product.

In 2004, we purchased CNC machining centre designed for milling of plywood elements, which allowed to further broadening company’s trade offer.

In 2005, we introduced on the market new products: smooth plywood panels, milled and portholes and opened two new regional Sales Outlets in Opole and Rzeszów.

In 2006, we opened commercial agencies in the neighbouring countries – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and started dynamic sale of the offered by us products.

In 2007, we plan to purchase second machining centre and to build new production hall of area of about 2000 square meters. We are also going to open two new sales outlets nearby Krakow and Bialystok.

Currently, the company offers over 400 different semi-finished door products in wood sorts: pine, oak, okume, sapeli, spruce, niangon, teak.


  • Smooth waterproof plywood

  • Special plywood for milling

  • Plywood smooth laps

  • Milled plywood laps

  • Special plywood with anti-vapour protection

  • Special plywood for bending

  • Płyty wiórowe okleinowane

  • Laminar boards for door filling

  • Door boards

  • Mahogany stiles

  • Frames for entrance doors

  • Sawn timber and mahogany /okume/ veneers

  • Door trims

  • Decorative elements sculptured and turned

  • System "JRP"



TEL./FAX 081 75 21 972

e-mail: Info@domix.com.pl



Offices of sales :


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